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'Storm Clouds Are Brewin', Methune Hively  www.fineartamerica.com

'Storm Clouds Are Brewin', Methune Hively www.fineartamerica.com


My name is Margrete and I wish you the warmest welcome to my blog. It is about all things wonderful in the world of words and illustration. Most especially, it is about the magical integration of words and illustrations as they manifest in picture books.

You will find I wander randomly, because that's how my mind works! An entrancing picture here. An evocative turn of phrase there. Thoughts on an entire picture-book and how I think it has succeeded. Ponderings on a solitary page from something published years ago. A dive into the wisdom of authors, artists and philosophers of the past. And insights from scientists of the present (yes, scientists!), because they say things about art that make my brain quake. 

So, while I'm no expert on many things (especially science), I'm certainly an enthusiastic girlie-swot who loves to over-think and over-feel about the power of art, literature and beauty, their roles in our lives, and their importance for our young compatriots who depend on our sharing the very best with them.

I hope you enjoy wandering with me!

A Little Bit About Me ...

Okay, so I'm a bit of a geek (at least, I am when I'm hiding my introvert self away from the world), but I'm also a publisher, workshop presenter, speaker, curator and author. I've worked in the Big Bad Publishing World for the past 20 years, mainly as a picture-book publisher and art director. Until late 2017 I worked for publishing corporations both large and small, multi-national and independent, and in early 2018 I became Publisher and Creative Director for the very tiny but supremely ambitious not-for-profit publisher Dirt Lane Press (you can find out more about Dirt Lane Press here www.dirtlanepress.com).

As for books, I think around 20 of my own titles have been published by various publishers over the past couple of decades (though this hasn't made me the least bit wealthy or famous: perhaps more about those later when I'm feeling less timid about them). I'm interested in contemporary Iranian illustration (also Korean, Japanese and central European illustration) and in Indigenous Indian narrative and decorative art.

Photo by Lynn Winters 2016

Photo by Lynn Winters 2016

As for True Confessions ...

... I buy too many books that I never read. I don't like to cook, but I do love to have friends over for dinner (poor them ... they usually get spaghetti Bolognese). I have a big garden that overwhelms me, but that I nevertheless keep expanding. I don't like to exercise, I love raw cashews and clouds (see above), I sometimes use inappropriate language, and I'm partial to vintage frocks and earrings.